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Sensor Controlled Tanning = No Burning! Try our exciting SUN ANGEL, featuring climate control, surround sound, aromatherapy mist, and 8X Faster tanning results.

The Most Advanced Tanning Bed Ever Available

The Sun Angel is the most advanced tanning machine ever introduced! It has a special sensor that takes a reading from your face and body in seconds that allows the bed to completely customize the tanning session for each customer. This means virtually no chances of burning.

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Get A Perfect Tan With No Redness Or Burning

The new Sun Angel technology also offers advantages for both veteran tanners and those with very fair complexions. If you already have a good base tan, the bed adjusts its power accordingly to get you even darker. And... if you're really fair skinned - even barely a type 2 (almost always burns, rarely tans), you will be tan for the first time in your life without any redness or burning.


Sun Angel Skin Sensor

A 20-Minute Tan Personalized To Your Skin Tone

The new technology allows those with any skin type to get a gorgeous tan. The color you get is very brown and rich - not reddish. Because of the reduced UVB (burning rays) and a slightly extended 20 minute tanning time, your skin can actually get just the right dosage of UV rays without being overly intense.


Forehead Pigment Measurement

Dramatically Faster And Longer-Lasting Color

You can acquire your tan up to 8 times faster and the tan lasts and lasts for you. You can literally use this bed 2-3 times a month to maintain your color, so it saves customers something valuable to them -- their time.


Body Pigment Measurement

An Amazing Spa-Like Experience Every Time

No rushing you in & out like in most beds! Everyone enjoys the full 20 minutes without even a minute being cut because "you're not tan enough". Then you add to it relaxation features like digital 3-D surround sound with MP3 docking, the perfectly shaped lounge acrylic with built-in head support, the Temptronic climate control system and the Aqua Mist with aromatherapy, and clients come out of this bed absolutely amazed. It's an experience like nothing you've ever tried!


Surround Sound Music

Come In Today With The Sun Angel Introductory Offer

For a limited time, you can download an Intro Voucher offering your first 3 Sun Angel Sessions for an amazing Introductory Price. This means you'll have a perfect tan in under a week (if you so desire), or you can space them out for tan maintenance if you already have your base. Either way, prepare for the best and most relaxing tanning experience of your life!


Aqua Mist & Aromatherapy


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